Monday, October 22, 2012

Landscape Signoff

After three years of writing faslanyc I am signing off.  I'll still be writing about landscapes, but I've started using twitter a bit (@faslanyc) and have left NYC.  Combined with the fact that the nature of my investigations, criticism and speculation has shifted, I find that this format no longer fits the bill.  All of the archives from this blog have been moved over to my new home at landscape archipelago where you will be able to find new work as well as links to pieces published with other outlets, upcoming news, and a couple of new projects that are starting to take shape.

I want to thank everyone I've had the chance to correspond with, interview, learn about, learn from, and occasionally harangue.  What started as a nerdy way to blow off steam on my lunch breaks in Manhattan has swelled to a landscape empire with tens of readers across the globe, mostly hunting for images of Costa Rica for some reason.  If you are so inclined I would love for you to come along with me to the new site.  Even better, start your own writing/research project about landscape, and send me a link.


  1. I've already put the new site in my reader ... best of luck!

  2. We'll miss you and your acerbic tongue FASLANYC.

    Fuck the American Society of Landscape Architects, afterall.