Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today's Newsdesk

[definitely a monster/fossil; the unrealized monument to Christopher Columbus for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair was intended to "convey visitors by lift to the Equator, and thence by spiral railway to the North Pole"; sounds like modernity..]
Over on Dirt a friend of ours, Dasha Lebedeva, has posted a write up on a recent lecture by FASLANYC favorite Camilo Restrepo.  He recently visited the University of Virginia School of Architecture and gave a public lecture titled "Monsters and Fossils:  Ideas Towards a Mongrel Architecture."  We fucking love the Foucaultian characterization of architecture as either a monster [unknown and threatening] or a fossil [historical, mysterious], and the mongrel metaphor for architecture in an age of unparalleled information and material exchange is ultimately optimistic.  He speaks of architecture and landscape in terms of something that "creates difference through the design of relations in space." Check out the write up over on DIRT if you are interested.

Also worth noting, Places recently ran an interview with landscape architect Chris Reed, as part of an ongoing series (see Matt Urbanski of MVVA, Dilip DaCunha and Anu Marthur, and Adrian Geuze of West 8).  Stoss' 2006 "Safe Zone" entry in to the Metis Reford Garden Design Festival is still one of our all time favorites [see the 2012 Call for Entries to the Festival here].  We've had a chance to hear the fellow speak a few times over the past year and simply put, the dude (and his Stoss cohort) is articulate, smart, and damn good.
["Minsur" from the photo series "country infrastructures" by Camilo Restrepo]

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